LITHIUM AND LOVER by Sirenia Januari 17, 2008

Filed under: lIRIK LAGU INGGRIS — aqualy @ 7:31 am

When all my demons set their sails
and my mind is riding the last train
Down a one-way track to the final station
Destination Devastation

A thousand demons at my door
screaming at my crumbling walls
My river’s bleeding, my fields are burning
My world has stopped turning

I wil be your lithium
and I will be your lover

Give me something for my mind
something for the pain inside
A remedy, a cure for life
An elixir for this manica of mine

Give me what I’m deep in need of
a santuary beyond this cruel world
A peerless cure-all to recover
Like lithium and lover…11c:22


One Response to “LITHIUM AND LOVER by Sirenia”

  1. indy Says:

    goog liRic

    i like it 😉

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